THE INSTITUTE OF SPECULATIVE PHILOSOPHY is a not-for-profit corporation, originally granted Letters Patent under the Canada Corporations Act in January, 1988, and was subsequently continued, pursuant to Articles of Continuance under section 211 of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, under a Certificate of Continuance, dated September 30, 2014.

The purposes of the corporation as set out in the Articles of Continuance.

(1) to foster and enhance the study, research, and discussion of speculative philosophy;

(2) to issue regular and occasional publications on speculative philosophy, and to provide for periodic forums and congresses on issues and topics relevant to speculative philosophy.

THE INSTITUTE OF SPECULATIVE PHILOSOPHY is a registered charitable organizations under the Income Tax Act. Charitable registration number 119238400 RR0001 0799841.

The Institute’s Head Office is in Ottawa.